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"Dana, I appreciate your guidance and incredible commitment. Your advice and our discussion (your questions were perfect too) are giving me great direction and clarity. I am so grateful to have your support."
   —Sharon, CEO, The Renaissance Center

"I consult with leaders to elicit their vision, mission, strategy, business practices, intelligence capabilities and education programs. Once they truly understand what their ecosystems consist of, and the power they have to lead and attain their vision, we architect solutions together to realize their goals. I recently discovered I'd spent so much time harnessing and empowering the strength in others to attain their goals, the balance of values and priorities in my own life had tilted off their axes. I opted to seek help from someone smarter, stronger, and faster than myself to assess my life from above, and help me create balance again.
That person is Dana Whitaker, who I now affectionately call, "The Red Dragon," from the movie, "Avatar." Like the characters in the movie catching blue dragons to connect, harness, and extend their abilities to experience greater freedom and vision in their lives, one day I decided to look above the whole blue dragon level to the single Red Dragon who clearly surmises and owns all it sees. When the character gives everything s/he's got to accomplish a connection with the Red Dragon, s/he can then truly discover the extent of his abilities, and with that knowledge is able to save the planet.
Yep, Dana is the Red Dragon in this story. Balance continues to manifest itself in my life, I understand clearly how everything works and how I'lll continue to grow my own abilities and experience greater connections and freedom throughout my life, and next, Dana's going to help me save the planet. I didn't tell her that part yet...
   —Stephanie, CEO, Innovation Architecture

"I've only been working with Dana for a couple months, but, in that time, she has been very instrumental in guiding me through my professional and personal challenges. Dana's gentle questions and salient feedback have assisted me in putting together puzzle pieces to better understand and celebrate the authentic "me" in and out of the workplace. I am sure that she is setting me on the path that will illuminate the gifts I embody."
   —Sharon, Early Childhood School Director

"Working with Dana was extremely valuable to me as a way to strategize and realize my personal and career goals. Specifically she helped me develop creative and very doable practices for identifying, prioritizing and implementing both attitudes and actions that support my goals. These new ways of being and doing have helped me balance and enjoy my work and personal life as never before. I highly recommend Dana!"
   —Emily, Executive Director, Working Solutions

"Dana Whitaker has been instrumental in positively effecting change in my life on both a personal and professional level over the last six months. When I first met Dana at a group workshop, I was at a very low point and instantly felt her positive energy and ability to identify problems and brainstorm possible solutions. She has used those skills to assist me in working through my own hurdles, including interactions and communications with challenging colleagues, relatives AND my husband. She has also inspired me to set boundaries around my personal time. Most importantly, she has helped me embrace a learning mindset, which has helped me overcome my previous inhibition toward change and perfectionist tendencies. Together we have put tangible practices into place, like breathing, taking breaks, leaving my laptop in my basement and changing my communication style. Overall, Dana is an inspiration and an amazing coach. I recommend Dana, hands down, to any woman struggling to find herself in this busy world. Thank you Dana!"
   —Ann, Manager Big-4 Public Accounting Firm

"Dana Whitaker has coached me on both professional and personal issues for a little less than a year. Through her coaching, I have learned to remain MUCH calmer in stressful situations and to be more confident, and especially TRUE to myself. Thanks to her assistance, exercises and use of different language "I am (fill in the blank)" instead of "I want to be (—)", I have seen tangible results in my state of mind: I have become more positive. I have also altered my physical behavior to be more calm and conscious of my breathing. I have improved both my relations with my colleagues and my husband (by communicating better with him)—no joke! But the greatest achievement is really accepting myself and being more confident—and Dana has worked with me on a weekly basis to help me get there. I now am in a much better place, but look forward to sessions with her again in the future. Last thing—she gave me actionable practices—such as opening up my eyes when I'm in a meeting, feel worried or down. This has proven to be VERY helpful, uplifting and relaxing. Dana has definitely opened my eyes to a better way of living (with myself) and I would recommend her to anyone: both for in-depth work on the self or for small, but hugely impactful behavioral changes."
   —Sophie, Financial Analyst

"Dana is a powerhouse of a coach. She embodies power and passion, eliciting within me a connection to my own power that for all too long has been under a shroud. Thank you, Dana!"
   —Rashmi, Meditation Teacher, Coach

"Dana is a trustworthy, keen listener and observer. She focuses completely on me when I am with her. I defined what I wanted to achieve, and Dana set about helping me achieve that goal. Dana has tremendous energy and a dedicated commitment to life coaching. She has an openness and respectful, conversational way that have allowed me to put things out on the table and deal with them with her as my advocate. I discovered a pool of inner strength and abilities long lost in self-doubt, fear, and self-assessment, because of Dana. Now I can put into practice practices that Dana has taught me, and I've seen positive results in my thinking and decision-making processes. I see challenges in my interpersonal relations differently now. I know my self-awareness has heightened, due to practices with my body, my words, and my actions."
   —Amilia, Back-to-Work Mom

"There is a fire about Dana. She is fiercely loyal and determined to be an advocate of people. This makes her a coach who brings all of herself forward in championing people on to recognize and live their innate strengths and gifts. My experience is that you will find yourself delighted, surprised, challenged, inspired, and transformed by your work with her."
   —Kathy, Therapist, Coach

"It has been my profound privilege to be coached by Dana Whitaker. Dana is like an inoculation against sadness. She radiates sunshine! If I had to choose one take-away from my coaching with Dana, it would be her consistent ability to deconstruct a "problem" to help me formulate a working plan and create a spot-on plan to move forward. The work I did with Dana was the most constructive and action oriented of any I have done. I highly recommend Dana as a friend and coach!"
   —Nicole, Realtor

"Dana helped me gain insight and inspiration, leading me to consciously reenter the workforce with a better understanding of what motivates and drives me."
   —Laurent (Lo), Director of Annual Giving

"Thank you so much for leading our organization in your communication training yesterday. It was very timely and a number of staff has said already in other contexts how helpful they found it. In addition to the positive comments, I must share a less tangible measure of your trainings' success that stands out for me. Everyone I talked to afterwards mentioned that they were surprised how energized they felt after the 6 hour training when so often they leave an all day meeting feeling utterly drained. We accomplished a lot and felt good! I think that speaks even louder than words to your success!"
   —Karuna, Director of Research and Public Policy

"Thanks for taking the time yesterday to get us all off our duff to think about our communication practices. I'm personally going to work on my "moods"— I have been told I'm a bit too neurotic over the years. (Good for the job; bad for the skin!) So glad you are on our team!"
   —Ann, Institutional Relations Manager

"Thank you so much for your workshop, I believe it will help us a lot as an organization to have better communication between each other, and also in our daily lives."
   —Susana, Small Business Trainer

"Thank you so much for the wonderful training you gave us yesterday! I feel energized and much better prepared to be a strong communicator, both of promises and requests. The activities were very effective and very well mixed. We all left feeling great!"
   —Elizabeth, Researcher and Data Analyst

"You get RAVE reviews from my staff, Dana. Everyone spoke to me individually about how valuable working with you to find their own voices was!"
   —Nicole, Manager

"Dana was immensely contributive in helping me with my résumé. The best thing about working with Dana was her ability to help me re-craft my resume so that it clearly highlights my skills and makes it (and me!) sound very professional. I am very pleased with the outcome. As a recent college graduate, I feel self-assured whenever I send my resume out to prospective employers. Thank you Dana, for all your help and strong advice!"