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Photography is an invaluable way to notice, to engage, to connect. Why? Because it requires stopping. Stopping long enough to see and experience the world in its most minuscule to its most magnificent grandeur. Zoom in to experience a vulnerable connection with a subject and its intricacies; zoom out to experience a contextual understanding. Shoot from above, beside or below a subject, process in color or black and white. Each choice provides limitless perspectives of and connections with life.

Dana Whitaker   Dana Whitaker

Photography is also a creative and meditative medium for self-realization. Try it. Take a look at a photo and ask: What does this photograph—its subject, color or composition—reveal about me? What is compelling, disturbing, inspiring, curious, moving, touching? Why? Then be still and listen.

Each Opening Eyes photograph is selected with a meditative invitation in mind. New photos will be added monthly and grouped by theme, so please check back.

Initiating this new offer, and for the first time, photographs from Dana's books, Transforming Lives $40 at a Time and Exploring Morocco; Discovering Ourselves are NOW available!

And YOU have the opportunity to spread your creative wings. Select a photo and a size, crop it if you'd like, then select from an array of finishes: lustre, matte, glossy. Do you have a wall calling for artwork? Photos may be mounted or put on a stretched canvas. Do you need some beautiful new cards? Sets of 10 or 20 are available, those too come in different sizes. You can even get a photo-studded phone case. Each of these options is an adventure in itself! Take a look!

Also, keep your eyes open for upcoming photography/meditation adventures.

Dana Whitaker