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Opening Eyes

Opening Eyes Logo Dana named her company Opening Eyes for the symbolic and literal meanings such words convey. Opening conveys the process and practice of self—and global—awareness, of seeing what one could not previously know or imagine possible.

Symbolically, eyes are often defined as the window to one's soul, while one's wisdom is often depicted as a 'third eye.' As your coach, Dana is committed to helping you open your 'I' and your eyes, sharpen and broaden your view of your unique self—what's working, what's not, what matters significantly to you, as well as why, where and how you want to proceed to create your vivid life picture.

Literally, eyes represent the lenses of the camera Dana used to zero in on the heroic microentrepreneurs she met around the world while writing Transforming Lives $40 at a Time, Women + Microfinance: Upending the Status Quo. Each heart-to-heart encounter gave Dana a keen eye into the dreams, struggles, and successes that microentrepreneurs experience while fighting their way out of poverty's dehumanizing grip. Her intention for Transforming Lives $40 at a Time is to offer the rest of the world an awe-inspiring view into the multi-faceted, life-enhancing outcomes that are possible when impoverished yet resourceful individuals are offered the tools of microfinance to help build financially sustainable lives for themselves and their families. Her book's How to Get Involved section provides myriad ways, for anyone so inspired, to help bring individuals closer to realizing a life that all of us desire, regardless of our circumstances—one of security, dignity and hope.

Dana also trained her camera on the multi-faceted glory that is Morocco. For her second book, Exploring Morocco; Discovering Ourselves, Dana's camera captured the breadth and depth of this magical country and its people. What she discovered through her lens and reveals on facing pages of her book, is the interconnectedness between all things such as zigzagging blue tiles mirroring blue boats floating in a still river, a snake track mirroring a camel driver following his herd down a Saharan dune. Each photograph prompts readers to see a part of themselves and the accompanying self-reflection questions invite self-exploration and discovery.