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Welcome to Opening Eyes!

Here's where I share ways to turn stress into peace, fear into daring and dreams into action so that you may live a purpose-filled, joyful life!

I'm here to help you:
Open to yourself, to others, and to the world around you.
Open to shed stuck habits and beliefs.
Open to explore, express and expand what you value.

I'm here to help you BE your unique self.

As a coach, photographer, author, meditator and athlete, I find that awakening, motivation and growth happen in myriad ways.

Are you a talker? Let's speak.
Are you an artist? Let's create.
Are you a writer? Let's compose.
Are you a meditator? Let's sit.
Are you an athlete? Let's move.

It's time to focus the lens on you.

Let's connect.
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 Email: dewhitaker@openingeyes.net

 Phone: 510.919.2944

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exploring morocco; discovering ourselves

exploring morocco; discovering ourselves

exploring morocco; discovering ourselves is perfect for igniting the senses, thinking and feeling deeply, and giving to your most daring colleagues and friends. Photographs of Morocco's splendors, each accompanied by a self-reflection question, inspire readers to delve into this life-mirroring land and themselves, expanding what it means to live fully, personally and professionally, inside and out.

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